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Machines manufactured for Medical Industry, Tool and Die Making, I.V. Cannula

High Precision Moulds

Multi cavity plastic injection Moulds & mould accessories for medical & automobile industry.

  1. Main body ( plain/suture type ) - 16 cavity
  2. Needle hub mould - 32 cavity/64 cavity
  3. Hub cover mould - 32 cavity/64 cavity
  4. Needle cover mould - 40 cavity
  5. Pot cap mould - 32 cavity/64 cavity
  6. Teflon holder mould - 64 cavity/128 cavity

Above list of mould is for I.V. Canuule product for medical industry. There is a long list of moulds we have manufactured for medical products and automobile components. Also we are manufacturing hot runner moulds as per customer requirement.